Ride Report: 09.30.13

I went out last night after dark for a short ride, just to get back in the saddle.  Irealized last week that with everything going on, I wasn’t as enthusiastic about riding, which is the exact opposite of where I should be.

Riding helps clear the head, helps to focus, and the exercise is certainly beneficial.  Thus, I’ve committed to more rides, no matter how short.

In the overall scheme of planning my year, September was supposed to be my big riding/touring month.  I had been blocking out time for a five day ride, but I felt it more appropriate to stick near the phones and e-mail to stay on top of the job front.  Sad development, but necessary.

Things are looking better each day.  I’m still working this job until the end of next week, after which I have a temporary gig until a more permanent opportunity opens up.  I’ve interviewed for a couple of jobs, but the decisions aren’t being made very fast, so I just have to learn to sit tight and hope for the best.  Deep down, I think it will all work out.

But back to riding.  This weather has been incredible!  I ended up just taking a short jaunt up the road and back.  After dark the temperature drops off pretty quick.  With two layers of cotton I was still a little chilled, so tonight I’ll pull out a wool shirt.  My plan is to once again steadily build up the miles and ride a little later into the year than last.

Misc. Miles: 2.8

Distance: 8.6 miles  2013: 981.9


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