I Wanna…

Just when I thought it was safe to check the balance of my bank account, Velo Orange quietly introduces a new frame.  While I like VO, I never loved VO.  The Polyvalant is a great idea, the Pass Hunter is sexy, but I have trouble getting past the 650B paradigm, plus it seems they are stuck on 32c being the biggest tire for their frames.

So out of nowhere comes the Camargue , a steel rough road tourer that accepts  very wide rubber.  They’ve basically designed a budget-based Bombadil, only with a mid-trail fork.  And it’s that mid-trail that sets it apart from other frames, and I’d really like to try.camargue 1

There are already complaints about the color, but I find it reminds me of the original Surly LHT Sage Green.  With the appropriate accents, it might pop just right.

So where would this bike fit in the line-up?  I’m thinking that I’d probably cull the herd a bit and replace the X bike with a fat-tired adventure tourer.   In fact, it might even become the main tourer with just swapping tires/rims between smooth fat tread for road and knobby fat tread for trail.

But isn’t the LHT the current tourer?  Sure, but it’s still a great errand/knock-around bike that’s a joy to ride.  I could see putting a lighter duty rack on the rear and continue to use it for groceries, fitness rides, and general joy riding.  Other than that, why mess with a good thing?


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