Ride Report: 08.29.13

This was to be a basic therapy ride to clear my head after a roller coaster of a week.  I should mention that I do not like roller coasters.  Whenever we go to an amusement park, I’m with the old guys sitting patiently on the bench with an ice cream cone.  I don’t like roller coasters.

But the ride proved better.  I ventured out to the college and found the path that leads up to the road behind the school.  From there I explored a bit on the back roads and then crossed over to Simpson Park.  This is nothing more than a short hike/bike path surrounding some protected wetlands.  That brought me back in through Bowmansdale and along the Yellow Breeches, but then I turned off to climb Mountainview Road.  Since I was feeling so good, I was tempted to actually climb Moores Mountain as well, but better judgement got the best of me.  Still, there were a couple of other detours for exploring before making it back to the house.  I could have gone further, but it was getting late and I didn’t want to overdo it since being off the bike so much.

Roller coasters.  I’m not going to go in to great detail because things are still very fluid, I don’t want to name names, and it would probably be downright boring, but here goes:  Thursday I get a furlough notice.  Friday I’m still in shock but I start working the phones to find a job.  By Monday I have a firm offer for another job with the state (no break in service), but the salary would be an issue.  In the meantime, people are coming out of the woodwork to help and also question how this could have happened to me.

Yesterday (Thursday), I have a meeting with someone that matters in state government.  He is upset at how this whole thing was orchestrated, and gave me his word that he would not let one of the state’s most experienced HR Director see the street.  By Thursday afternoon I start to see some strings being pulled and I get some e-mails.

Bottom line is that it looks like I’ll be leaving this job, but likely staying with the state.  I’m good with that – I had been looking for a change.  Oddly, I could actually end up with a promotion if things go really well, but I’m not getting greedy.

I’m just really humbled how so many people have stepped forward to offer to help.  It pays to be the good guy, and I won’t forget.

I’m also dealing with some anger relative to those who are responsible for all of this and how it was handled.  I don’t think I was the intentional target, but rather I am collateral damage.  Ultimately I will work up to forgiveness, but a lot of other people are angry and I sense justice may be severe when the time comes.  You cant’ hurt people without there being a cost.

High school football tonight, camping tomorrow.  Still not sure if I’ll be doing any biking, but the kids want to take some along.  and I know,  I  need to take pictures…

Misc. Miles: 4.4

Distance: 23.8 miles  2013: 925.6


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