There haven’t been any posts lately because I’ve been pretty distracted.  I was called into a meeting last week and informed that I’m being furloughed from my job of 29 years in October.  It’s ironic, because it’s been my job to furlough people, so the mental processing was a little quicker, although certainly no easier. 

It turns out that my department is being merged with another, and I’m the odd man out.  I have my opinion about the whole thing, but looking back is not going to solve any problems. 

By yesterday I had a job offer with the understanding that it might be a landing spot for me while I continue looking.  I’d take about a $10K hit, and things are tight already with our son starting school on the very day I received notice.  I’ve also got several irons in the fire, so I’m worried, but not freaking out.

Bottom line: 

  • It’s always a humbling experience. 
  • Friends at a time like this are invaluable, whether for job leads or moral support.
  • It helps you focus on priorities.  The wife and I have had a hard year on the employment front, and we’re seriously considering complete career changes to more meaningful work.
  • It also forces one to cut the crap out of spending, which can actually be kind of refreshing.

In the meantime, I’ve been cutting firewood for mental therapy.  Suddenly all the weight lifting I’ve been doing has paid off in spades.  I’m in much better shape than I’ve been in years and my upper body is holding up well.  My legs are strong, but all of the lifting has my hamstrings tender.

My 5:2 Fast Diet has also kicked back in, so I’m at 17 pounds lost and still going down.  Looking in the mirror, I’m guessing another 10 pounds possible…and then we’ll see.  I ended up cutting out more sugar from my diet, especially on fast days; plus I’m behaving myself on feast days.   And…I feel really good.

I’ve got two really nice custom suits from my bachelor days, and several pairs of expensive wool slacks that I just didn’t have the heart to throw out when I outgrew them.  My goal is to wear them again.

I should also mention that my current firewood activity has revealed a really nice camping spot.  Its on a farm, on a small grassy clearing on the edge of a large wood lot.  It’s a little over a mile from the house, but with a half mile ride down a dirt lane.  That’s not nearly enough riding, but the spot makes up for it.  I’m going to talk to the farmer about getting permission to camp there.

Speaking of camping, we’re doing our annual family adventure this coming weekend.  Last year we were rained out in the middle of the night by some rip-roaring thunderstorms.  So far the forecasts look a little better.  I don’t think we’ll take any bikes along.

I’m hoping to get out on the bike for a bit tonight, although we have some family activities that take precedent; but I’m itching to get back in the saddle.

and if you hear of any great jobs…


4 responses to “Update

  1. That sucks, but if you’re going to end up with some unstructured time between gigs, that’s the time to do a bike tour. Probably the only such opportunity this side of retirement.

    • It’s a great thought, but at this point the transition will be seamless. Even if there was a gap, my focus is going to be on making some money for the next few years.

  2. Sorry to hear about your job, Doc. Therapeutic S24O in the near future?

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