Ride Report: 08.20.13

To deal with my feeling of getting stale with recent rides, I opted to trek on some local roads that I haven’t ridden on before.  That means hills.

Thus breaking my rule about never riding on streets with “mountain”, “view”, “vista” or something similar in the name, I headed off to one of three “Ridge Roads” we have in the area.  Getting there involves an impressive climb where I ended up gearing down the whole way to 22″ and doing a lot of spinning.  Thoughts of Jan Heine and walking even entered my head, but I slogged on through, even to the smile of the lady mowing her lawn at the summit of School House Lane.

Once on Ridge, I was greeted by a fun ride of up and down hills, all the way to Potts Hill.  Then it popped into me that I could easily pick up Route 392 and ride all the way to Newberrytown along the Interstate.  That also provided some fun downhills and climbs, although the traffic was heavier.

Finally, I took some side roads on the home leg into some neighborhoods I haven’t been in for years, and ventured by the old soccer complex.

It was a nice night for a quick ride, and I think the hills did me good.

Distance: 12.6 miles  2013: 897.4


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