Ride Report: 08.18.13

for whatever reason, my energy level was low this weekend, with not a lot of motivation.  We delivered Son#1 to college on Saturday, and Sunday morning was all rain, but by evening things had cleared off and it looked downright nice outside.

Still, I sat watching a baseball game, eating junk, and had difficulty talking myself into a bike ride.  I kept looking at the clock and mentally calculating how much time I had, then figuring out a ride to take.  The problem was, in hindsight, was that all of the options bored me.  I need to start picking some new routes, with new destinations.  I’m getting stale.

So after a flurry of household tasks, I ended up just toodling about before dark, mostly just for the exercise.

Distance: 10.2 miles  2013: 884.8


One response to “Ride Report: 08.18.13

  1. I hear you. I, too, am in a riding funk. Nothing excites me other than attempting another overnight with a new destination.

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