Ride Report: 08.15.13

Not all rides are great.  There are some where the joy of biking just takes over and Nirvana comes easily; and then there are those where things just don’t click.  This ride fell into the latter category.

I haven’t ridden the X bike any distance in quite a while, to the point where there was a small voice asking why I even had the bike anymore.  So in answer, a short ride that would allow adapting back to the body position and B17 saddle was on tap for the evening.

A loop around Pinchot with peeling off towards Pinetown and back in Siddonsburg Road…  The saddle was fine although I had a sense it was unfamiliar.  The ride wasn’t long enough for the body position to be a problem.  I did notice it was harder to come out of the saddle and mash up hills, which I figured was from not doing hills lately. 

But most frustrating was messing up shifts.  I just couldn’t seem to hit them right, and ended up with more crunching than was good for the bike, or me for that matter.

The ride ended with a feeling that it wasn’t really enjoyable; that it was more work than it should have been; that it didn’t achieve flow.  There was a high point where I hit 43mph coming down Moore’s Mountain, but  I need to work on it with this bike some more.

Distance: 22. 5 miles  2013: 874.6


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