‘dems sum good brakes!

Our household had a few of the family bikes on the street lately, mostly just to stretch their legs, but also to see how Son#2 likes the Bianchi.IMAG0016

It’s now a half-decent fit, so the challenge will be to get him out of the house, away from the computer games, and onto the road.  I also took the bike out for a spin once or twice, and I have to say that the Tektro calipers are most impressive. 

I guess my only real experience with calipers was on the Cannondale ST400, which had a Shimano 600 group, and I have to say the stopping was pretty sketchy.  These guys, on the other hand, are as good as the canti’s on the X bike, but not quite as good as the V’s on the LHT.  If I ever do go with a more lightish road bike (prolly not), I’ll strongly consider another set of these.


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