Ride Report: 08.06.13

It’s been a while since I ventured up to Dillsburg, so I chose a roundish kind of route that took me to Wellsville, then up Old 74 to Dillsburg, across some back roads to Williams Grove, over to Grantham, and then home.  The weather was overcast and a bit cooler especially for August, but actually pretty nice for a longer ride.

I’ve been wanting to get the X bike on the road, but my neck was a little stiff, probably from sleeping in a weird position, so the LHT was again pressed in to service.  I’ll probably take out the X bike for some shorter rides soon just to get used to it again.

There is a spot along Old 74 that I’ve been eyeing for a few years for stealth camping, but last night I saw that the owner has put a gate across the entrance.  I was disappointed at first, but now I’m thinking that he saw some car tracks going back the lane so this is his security insurance, and that a bike can easily make it around the non-fenced part and find a spot well out of view.

Riding through Dillsburg is fun.  Baltimore Street is the main drag, and coming from Old 74, it’s all downhill.  A typical main street, there are cars parked on the sides, but the lanes are wide enough to steer clear.  So it’s fun to ride with traffic at speed, where they don’t know if they should attempt a pass or not.  Most do not.  Then I take the lane coming up to the light to make the turn west, and wait in the middle of the street for green.  It’s not creating any problem, but the drivers just aren’t used to a bike acting like a car.  Like I said, it’s fun.

My legs need to get back into hill mode.  I’ve got the strength to keep up the pace, but my quads are paying for it this morning.

The only other bike I saw was a roadie turning up to climb the hill at Route 15.  It was getting dark, plus he was a lot younger, so he dropped me quickly and disappeared into Grantham.

Lots of deer out.  Great ride overall.

Distance: 33.5 miles  2013: 833.7

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