My purchase and fixation on GPS for riding has to do with getting places without getting lost.  It’s essentially my electronic map, and as I get more experienced with it, the more comfortable and satisfied I am that I made the right choice.  I only need think back to a stifling hot day a few years ago when I got totally lost in southern York County, and didn’t even know what direction I was headed in.

But there’s a side of the Garmin that I haven’t really paid much attention to, even though I set up the screen some time ago:  the bike computer side.  I’ve set up a number of fields that spit out data just like the PB Protege.  So with this bit of redundency comes the realization that the distances travelled on the two units don’t match.

Assuming that the Garmin and all of it’s satellite telemetry, etc… is more accurate, I’ve been fine tuning the settings on the Protege, slowly getting them to match up.  As it turns out, the recommended setting for my 37c tires is way too high, and looks to be closer to what they recommend for a 32c tire – quite a difference.

Funny thing is that I will probably continue to ignore that screen and all of the mileage spew, but now I can rest easily knowing that all is well in my world of bike geekdom.


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