Ride Report: 08.02.13

Since this was our last full day, I wanted to get in a good ride to finish up the week.  The night before I found what looked like a really nice 50ish mile ride that came back down the eastern shore through the resorts.  With a little tweeking I was able to adjust the route and load it in the GPS.

The luxury of afternoon naps had me waking up early all week, and this day was no different with me rising with the sun.  I was on the road a little after six.  I should mention that partly because of the glare and partly because of just to stand out in traffic, I ended up riding with my lights on during the day.  There were other bikes around with rear flashers, but I didn’t spot any other dyno setups.  I suppose that has to do with them either being beach cruisers or racing bikes.  Quite a few mornings I would pass commuters – usually kids in some form a uniform headed to a restaurant job, but they would usually be on cruisers.

Having GPS on a vacation like this was great.  There were so many great back roads that weren’t on the typical tourist map that by the end of the week I knew my way around all the shortcuts when we were out in the van.  With this ride, though, there was one big surprise when the route suddenly turned off of a neighborhood street on to a very rough utility right of way.  IMAG0012I managed for about a quarter of a mile before I was able to bail on a side street.  I think this turns into a county maintained bike path after a mile or so.  Definitely Krampus material.

Something I learned about this region is that even though most of the roads have bike lanes or nice berms, that doesn’t guarantee that the bridges will have the same.  The newer bridges are good, but there are still several older draw bridges that suddenly go down to two narrow lanes.  Fortunately those weren’t big bridges, and some quick pedalling gets one up and over.

One of those bridges, a toll bridge in fact, sits between Wildwood Crest and Cape May ( I didn’t even stop for the toll booth)  and then levels out among several marinas and wetlands.  I stopped to snap this nature tour that looked nice.IMAG0015It was a nice week with a change of scenery, but its great to be home.  I spent about 45 minutes cleaning the sand off the bike and lubing everything, and I’m ready to get back to the hills.

Distance: 53.9 miles  2013: 800.2


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