I Wanna…

New Surly!  The boys must have read my post about my next bike, and actually came up with one better.

Camping Krampus

Camping Krampus

Enter the ECR (Enduro-Camping-Race), which is a Krampus that has been tricked out similar to an Ogre, and then had Jones Loop bars installed.  It has braze-on’s for three water bottles on the frame, four cages on the front fork, and some extra spots for racks and fenders – the perfect adventure/tourer.

Even taking it a step further, the Krampus is limited to 1X10 gearing because of chain clearance issues against those big Knard tires.  The ECR fixes that with a wider BB that takes a double with a granny.  I was a little concerned about the lack of ultra-low gearing on the Krampus, and now the problem is solved.

This bike just reeks of awesomeness.  I need to start playing the lottery.


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