Ride Report: 07.17.13

Basically I just spent some time toodling and doing some power laps on both bikes for a while last night as the sun was going down.

A quick observation is that I like hot weather, so this current heat wave is really not an issue.  I haven’t been riding in direct sunlight, but once evening comes, I figure I’m pretty well acclimated after a few days of heat.  I had the same experiences with rowing, where it seemed I could handle tough morning workouts in July and August when others would bail.  Conversely, I’m a cold weather wimp most of the times.

Riding at speed is the solution to riding in hot weather.  The air passing over our bodies evaporates the sweat generated by the work, and I feel like it’s far cooler.  As soon as I stop, though, I sense the heat.  I think it just validates the need to stay adequately hydrated.

This night also gave me a chance to compare my two current bikes.  It’s obvious that I’ve been riding the Trucker a lot more lately, because that has that “ahh” factor when I sat on it and pedalled up the street.  The bike is certainly heavier and the springs squeak to high heaven, but it just feels “right.”

The X bike, on the other hand, felt awkward reaching out to the drops.  The saddle felt fine (don’t tell anyone I was wearing a pair of lycra shorts)  and the bike sure is zippy, but my lower back needs to loosen up more.  I’d love to take this bike on some longer rides because of the lower weight, but I’m concerned about how my neck and back will feel after several miles.  It may just be a matter of working up to it.

What I really like is the ability to switch between the two and how that positively effects my sit area.  Both saddles are comfortable, but have limits.  Fortunately, the contact points are different, so if I get a little sore with one bike, I can change over and it’s usually not a problem.

Distance: 6.7 miles  2013: 595.5


2 responses to “Ride Report: 07.17.13

  1. I like to change up my bikes for the very reason you describe: to get a break from the seat position.

    • I’m finding that as I ride more miles I’m becoming more tolerant, but the longer rides still result in some minor discomfort that sticks around for a day or two.

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