Overheard in a Local Bike Shop…

Me: Do you want to wait out here or come in with me?

Wife: I’ll come in.  Maybe they have a bike big enough for the boys.

Wife (pointing to a Surly Krampus):  Well that one looks to be the right size.

Me:  I agree dear.  We should get one for each of them.

Big Jim: (smiles)


4 responses to “Overheard in a Local Bike Shop…

  1. Which shop has the Krampus? I want to test ride one of those.

    • Pedal Pushers. Jim had ordered for himself but has bunged up his knee. It’s sitting on the little platform on the right as you come in the door. Looks sweet.

  2. Hopefully its not my size. I can’t afford it.

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