Ride Report: 07.08.13

I wasn’t sure I’d get a chance for a ride tonight, but luck was on my side.  At the risk of getting into a rut, I chose to go out to Williams Grove again.

This time I was going to take the X bike, thinking it would be a good tune-up for a longer ride this Saturday.  But as I got up the street I looked down and noticed a wobble in the rear rim.  Sure enough, I found a broken spoke.  I don’t break many, but it seems everyone I have broken has been on this particular wheel with the 28 spoke count.  Perhaps a new rear wheel for the X bike will be factored into next year’s bike budget.

Since it was close to home, I switched everything over to the Trucker and started over.  It ended up being a nice evening with the storm clouds holding off in the north and west.  I took a diversion over to Creek Road and stopped to admire the scenery.008005

After half a season, the B67 has broken in well and developed a nice patina.009

Finally, coming in Siddonsburg Road after dark, some kids in a car decided to start screaming at me and gunning the engine a little.  Harmless fun I suppose, but certainly not welcome.  I guess it speaks to the education system these days, but the fools proceeded to pull into a local market less than a mile down the road and were getting out of the car as I rode by.

I couldn’t resist messing with them a bit by pulling out my camera:

This will teach you to mis-behave when you borrow mom's car!

This will teach you to mis-behave when you borrow mom’s car!

Nice ride – lot’s of bugs!

Misc. Miles: 1.9

Distance: 30.6 miles  2013:  521.5


2 responses to “Ride Report: 07.08.13

  1. I love your LHT set-up with the mustache bars. Nice ride report.

    • Thanks. They’re actually Nitto Albatross bars which I highly recommend for a comfortable ride. I had tried mustache bars on two separate bikes several years back and found myself getting stiff after 20 miles or so from being stretched out and not having enough hand positions. If I did ever try them again, I think it would be on a trail/dirt bike of some sort. Thanks again.

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