Ride Report: 06.25.13

One last ride for the month before heading off to Reno for the next week.  The LHT and I decided to extend our westward venturing and ride out to Boiling Springs and back.

After riding out that way last week a little too fast on the X bike, I found that it was much easier to keep my speed to a reasonable pace on the Trucker.  No coming out of the saddle on hills…just pick a good speed and spin as much as possible.

Once again, my experiments with the Garmin failed miserably.  The direct download from RidewithGPS just does not work with the Legend series.  Next step is to go back to my original conversion process and make sure that there is nothing else throwing the routes off that I’ve missed.

The weather forecast didn’t call for any storms until later, so there was a slight breeze when I left, but the temp was 92F.  Before long, as the sun started to go down, that dropped to the high 80’s.

I didn’t see many roadies at all, just pairs here and there once I got to Boiling Springs, where I took a short break at the corner mart.  Otherwise the roads were quiet.

I had a slight tail wind on the way home, and I could feel the breeze picking up a bit, and the temperature going down.  It was also getting pretty dark, so I was admiring the Luxos beam and how it would change depending on my speed.  That’s a really awesome feature.

The beam got real defined around Observatory Road when I noticed things got a lot darker.  I looked over my shoulder and realized why… storm clouds moving in fast out of the west.  It was too late and too close to home to wait it out, so I kicked it into high gear and decided to try to outrun it.

That decision resulted in probably the 3 fastest miles the Trucker has experienced in a while – I even surprised myself, but it was too dark to see the speedometer, and I had turned off the Garmin long before.

It just kept getting darker, windier, and big drops falling here and there.  A half mile from the house I was dodging some fallen small branches when I heard a pop and I thought I sensed the rear tire feeling a little wonky.  I slowed down just a tad, but nursed the bike home, thinking I had a flat.  But once in the garage, there was nothing I could find to indicate a problem – tire was fine (other than its showing some wear), spokes were good, wheel spinning true.  I’ll have to investigate later…I may have just been spooked a bit.

Once in the house, I see on TV that there has been a thunderstorm warning for the last hour, and I managed to just miss it.  I sat for a while to cool down, and then off to the shower.

Life needs a little excitement now and then to keep it interesting.

Misc. Miles: 2.2

Distance: 39.1 miles  2013: 434.1


2 responses to “Ride Report: 06.25.13

  1. Hey, Doc. I’d guess you need to remove any cue sheet or turn directions from the GPX file before converting. With the Edge devices, converting is as simple as copying the GPX to /Garmin/NewFiles on the device, unplugging it from the PC, and then starting it up. The device does the conversion, and then automagically moves the new .fit file to /Garmin/Courses.

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