If I were upgrading, and while I can dream, that’s about all I can do at this point, I’m currently fixating on a few items. 

For my drop bar, go-fast bike; I’d really like to try a low-trail fork that I could switch over my 700c wheels to on a steel frame.  The VO Pass Hunter has caught my attention, as well as the Ocean Air Rambler.  The Pass Hunter has VO’s reputation behind it as well as a less expensive price tag, but the added tire clearance on the Rambler is appealing.pass_hunter_3

Unless I replaced everything with all chrome bits, I doubt the new frame would look nearly as nice, but this is probably how I’d go if I ever upgrade the X bike.  Another option that has floated around in my head is just picking up a Cross Check frame, maybe even in black.

I’m too in love with the LHT to part with it, but the thought of having a tourer that could take on some rougher roads is out there.  Ideally I’d just go with a third bike and use something like a Fargo, but with upright bars; but I don’t think a third bike would get much use.

That brings us to the only frame I think I’d consider at this point – a Rivendell Hunqapillar.  I think a set up with Albatross bars and a set of Schwalbe Big Bens could do double duty for pavement and dirt while still having fender clearance.  I’m not crazy about that mid-tube, but I suppose it grows on you.  If the stars were in alignment Grant would go with a low trail fork, but I’m asking for a lot.  Of course there would be some major groans about allowing my cheapo components on such a frame, so we’d be looking at some major outlay.rivendell-hunqapillar-1

I should also mention that if I do have any rough trail touring in the forecast, I can pull the Kenda knobbies that I have and fit them on either the LHT or the X bike.  They’re pretty easy to mount on the rims, and they haven’t seen any action in quite some time.

Finally, I know this is going to rub some people the wrong way, but someone has to say it.  Yes, it does seem to be a very popular flavor lately that all of the lemmings want to try, but the Nitto Bosco bars touted by Rivendell for the last few months have got to be the butt-ugliest set of handlebars I have ever seen.IMG_2246

Completely out of scale and just plain weird looking.  What a way to ruin beautiful bikes.  Put me down for a no thanks.

There…it’s all out of my system.


12 responses to “Spew

  1. Bike lust! Yes, it’s good to let off some steam. I don’t especially like those Bosco bars either. As for Rivendell bikes, well. the Betty Foy is the one I would chose, though I can understand they’d primarily appeal to women.

  2. Surly is supposed to be coming out with a disc-brake road bike that can take 700x50mm rubber. It might be a more budget friendly version of the hunq.

  3. I’ve been eyeballing the Pass Hunter, too, since the XOXO just isn’t doing it for me. I think I could mostly build it with parts I already have. Maybe a few incidentals. We could be bike twins!

    • There aren’t many 700c frames with low trail out there, and this one just hits that sweet spot for a fast tourer that can take mid-sized tires. I think they’ll sell pretty quick.
      We’d have to get matching seersucker jerseys for our peleton rides.

      • I don’t know that I’d necessarily call it “low trail”. While they haven’t published the specs yet, they have said they’re borrowing heavily from the Campeur and Rando geometries.

  4. I ran a set of bars very similar to to the Nitto Bosco bars last year…..they were okay, but they didn’t have enough hand positions to suit me.

    I have arthritis in my shoulders and need to move around a lot on the bike so I don’t get too stiff 🙂

  5. Doc, love your blog! This post finally pushed me into a comment as we have some very similar bike priorities. I’m running 3 bikes right now, a 650b converted, upright Trek 615, a drop bar’ed Bianchi Eros, and an MB-5 with moustache bars… The Atlantis or Hunq from Riv, or a Surly Troll are both tempting as a replacement for both the trek and the MB-5, particularly if I could run my 650b wheels with the dyno… And on the road side I’d also like to check out something low trail like a Rawland Stag of even the VO Polyvalent… Thanks for pointing out the ocean air, that was a new one to me and looks awesome. Happy riding!

    • Hey Tony, The Stag/Poly combination sounds like a winner if you’ve taken the 650B plunge. You could basically set up something aggressive/drop bar on the Stag and then have your choice of two wheelsets: dirt and street. The VO can then be the townie/cruiser/tourer with upright bars, racks, and a wider saddle. I like it.

      • Good point on the two wheelsets for the Stag… I know of a couple older Rawland’s in the area and I’m hoping to get a test ride. Tough thing about that company is the short production runs on each model, maybe they are just trying to settle in on the details. But you never know what will be available next year. Pays to have money in the pocket I suppose!

        Have you messed around with 650B? My pursuit was mostly about getting wider tires on my older road frame… which worked very well. Going back and forth between my 700C narrow road bike and the 650B is night and day, but tough to compare due to the nearly 20mm in delta.

  6. Previously I had considered converting a Cannondale ST400, but the chainstays are too tight and bottom bracket too low.
    Scott (Sloth) had a rSogn last year which he sold to buy his house. He really liked the bike (so did I) and will probably end up with another one.

  7. Cool, the chain stays are uncomfortably tight on my trek but with the dropout screw’s removed I get a couple mm’s per side, Bb hasn’t been an issue. chain stay with hetre 42mm and mud;

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