Ride Report: 06.20.13

We had a college orientation visit over the weekend, but I did manage to get out for a longish ride Thursday evening on the X bike.

First, I tried downloading a .tcx track directly from RidewithGPS to the Garmin, and again, it failed to follow the route that I had intended.  The Garmin Communicator plug-in also has a “route” option that allows reducing the points to 500, so that is my next trial.

For this night, the route went out to Williams Grove and then a loop on Park Drive and back in Rt. 74 to Williams Grove Road.  Once I got to Park Drive I started seeing groups of roadies, and stopped at one point to offer help to a guy who had a broken spoke.  With only 20 count wheels, it was rubbing his brakes.  I suggested that he use my bike tools to true it up a bit, but he brushed that off and preferred to ride with the added resistance.

In addition to looking like an unracer, I think my Cyo beam (it was a little overcast and nearing dusk) was attracting attention as  I made my way through “their territory.”

The ride felt really good, and I continue to feel myself getting a little stronger each ride, even though I knew I’d pay for this one.  I really need to find “cruise mode” for these longer rides and learn not to push it so much.

This was also the first longer ride on the Vittoria Randoneur tires that I put on this spring, and I have to say that I can sense their speed.  Even pumped up to 70psi, they ride well, and combined with the sprung Brooks, it makes for a very comfortable ride.

About two miles from home, when it was getting fairly dark, I realized that my back light wasn’t on.  The Hermmans was functioning as a reflector, but no light.  I quickly turned on the Superflash and continued on.  It turns out that one of my connections to the rear wire had come loose, so I fixed it later with solder, rather than just rely on crimping.

Son#1 and I are off to Reno for the Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships later this week, so I’m thinking tonight may be the only chance I have to get in another ride for a while.

Distance: 31.2 miles  2013: 392.8


2 responses to “Ride Report: 06.20.13

  1. George McNally

    I use Google Maps…..I put a destination in Google Maps on my computer and navigate to it from my house using the bicycle icon……10 seconds later- it shows up as a favorite in Google Maps on my phone and I can choose to navigate to it using Google Navigation. Not sure if that would work for you….I use a very secure phone holder mounted on my handlebars and all I have to do is follow the instructions on Google Navigation.

    It’s simple fast and foolproof 🙂

  2. I haven’t taken the smart phone plunge yet. I guess I’m becoming a true Fred; but the cost of those plans – more than what we pay for car insurance each year even with a male teenager, is just too much for me to stomach.

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