Ride Report: 06.17.13

Another beautiful evening for a ride.  After I got done with some work around the house and let the traffic clear out a bit, the LHT and I ventured out to Messiah College.

But before leaving, I pulled out the laptop and the Garmin to try out the direct 500 point track upload feature that they have added.  Unfortunately, it was a bust almost from the start where it failed to follow the mapped route and tried to route me via shortcuts.  I’m not sure if I had the settings incorrect, or if its just the way they distribute the track points.  But you know me…I’ll be tweaking it for the next several rides to see if it can’t get working properly.

For the first time this year I felt like my legs were stronger than the last ride, so I hope that means I’m starting to get into a little better aerobic shape.  I stopped on campus to snap a pic of the new High Performing Arts and Worship Center.  It’s a nice, and big, building from the exterior that they have been working on for the past two years.003

I didn’t feel quite as entitled as I rode around the place, probably because this is the first time in several years that I haven’t been writing them large checks for tuition payments.  I’m no longer a stock holder, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they found some long lost unpaid parking tickets for my daughter.

A park bench by the Yellow Breeches provided a nice spot to meditate and watch the fly fisherman.  There were also several groups of kids involved in some sort of team building exercises across the way.  Messiah’s summer courses are all on-line, so I don’t know exactly what was up.005

So many pictures of the campus include the covered bridge that most don’t realize that there is a second one – the “swinging bridge”, which is a bit down stream.  It’s quite the structure.006

After leaving the campus, I followed the stream down McCormick.  Feeling great as the temps started to fall, I switched on the lights and headed for Pinetown.  Deer were out in abundance.

The whole ride felt great, but as soon as I lied down for the night I could tell that I was going to pay.  Sure enough, around two I had to get up and take a few ibuprofen.  A little quad discomfort, but well worth the pain.

Distance: 24.3 miles  2013:  361.6


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