Ride Report: 06.15.13

For some time now I’ve been thinking about making this trip out to Lake Meade.  It’s a “private” community located to our west, and I kept noticing it when I would pull out the maps for my rides to Lattimore, York Springs, and my planned trek to Gettysburg.  Years ago we had some neighbors who ended up moving there – so I was curious.

The night before I mapped the route out on the computer and discovered that Ride With GPS has a new feature that reduces the track to 500 points.  I still ended up going through my typical conversion since everything is already set up on the laptop, but I need to try this and see how the Garmin responds.  The feature could make loading trips a lot easier.

The route itself follows the way to the Lattimore Racetrack almost 80% of the way, but then turns south for a short bit.  It’s mostly level, except around Pichot and then a climb to get to the entrance to Lake Meade.

It was sunny and perfect temperatures for a ride.  About half way in I started seeing roadies, and once again realized that I was in the middle of some sort of race/charity ride.  By the time I came through, nobody appeared to be moving very fast, and most were downright friendly. 

This guy, however, seemed a little frustrated when I pulled a Pee Wee Herman and kept up with him for a couple of miles.  I wanted to tell him that his saddle was about 3″ too low, but I figured that would just piss him off even more.  Eventually he downshifted, came out of the saddle, and dropped me on a small but steep hill.002

Not long after this I made the turn south and another short climb up to the lake entrance.  The Garmin route was pretty accurate, with one directional issue at a weird intersection.  But, as long as you “follow the magenta line”, you’re OK.004

As you go in the entrance road, one encounters a manned guard/gate house.  The gates are big enough to keep out cars, but I opted to quietly ride behind the guard house, rest my legs for a moment on a picnic table, and then proceed through the parking area like I belonged there – no problem.006

It’s a really nice community, especially lakefront.  There are “normal” sized homes and a few McMansions, and then some where it just seems like the house is the perfect scale to the property and aligned for the view.  I’d be interested to know what the associate fees are per year.009

Lake Meade Drive does a 5 mile loop around the lake.  I noticed first that there were a fair amount of homes for sale, a fair amount of contractors doing work on houses and landscaping, and at one point I passed three homes where women were out mowing the lawns on what looked like very new and large John Deere tractors.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…it was just one of those things I noticed.

The dam that holds the lake…011

I could learn to enjoy a view like this…014

There were no black vans following me as I exited, and once I got back on the main route home I found that the charity race/ride was still going on, except now I was headed against the light bike traffic.

I stopped for a rest at this same pavilion in Wellsboro, and then made the final push for home.  Another great morning for a ride.018

Misc. Miles – 1.5

Distance: 38.1 miles  2013: 337.3


2 responses to “Ride Report: 06.15.13

  1. Had to peruse your bike section to figure out what kind of bike you’re riding. It’s refreshing to see upright bars on a Surly. It looks practical and touring friendly. I enjoy your ride reports.

    • It’s a great setup for touring and very comfortable. Not quite as fast as drop bars, but speed is not my goal when I ride this bike. Thanks again!

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