Ride Report: 06.03.13

Finished up mowing the grass and took the X bike out for a fitness ride at dusk.  The route took me out Lisburn Road into a headwind, back in McCormick, but then I turned off to Andersontown and over to Pinetown. 

Pinetown Road from Andersontown to Rt. 177 is just the perfect road for riding at speed.  It gave me the chance to adjust the Cyo beam just right, and get into a groove with pushing it a bit.  They should just ban cars from it.   Then the ride finishes with blasting down the hill on 177 to the blinking light and cruise down Space Highway for a mile.

I noticed that it was still warm when I started, and my legs felt a little heavy from Saturday’s ride.  As the sun went down and the air cooled into the 60’s, it got refreshing and my energy level picked up.  Great ride – I’m glad this bike now has dyno lights for night time rides.

Distance: 20.1 miles  2013: 257.7


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