Ride Report: 06.01.13

A hot summer morning and nothing on the schedule but a bike ride.  Does life get any better?

I was looking at three options for a route, but didn’t make up my mind until I got to the fork in the road and turned west.  Lattimore Raceway: not too many hills, great scenery, and a manageable distance given my low mileage so far this season.

Wellsville sits a little under halfway, and this pavilion provided a good spot to rest the legs for a few minutes in the shade.  I’ve always admired the architecture of this house.  Wellsville has several older, well-maintained structures.IMAG0003I seem to be finding “yard bikes” lately, and stopped to take a pic of this tandem.  It wasn’t until I was pulling my long sleeve shirt out of the bag that I realized that something wasn’t quite right… A closer look revealed that this is a home grown double built up by welding two frames together.  The captain’s crank is on the curb side, and the front chain must have meshed with the inner gear of the stoker’s crank.  “Crude, but effective.”IMAG0005Things were quiet out at the raceway and campground, so I ambled onto the track and checked things out.  I’ve still got it into my head to stealth camp out here sometime.IMAG0009By the time I headed for home, things were getting hot.  So pacing myself and stopping for some shade now and then made for a nice ride.  Didn’t see too many cyclists out, although the Harley crowd was well represented.

Got home for lunch and enjoyed a relaxing day.

Misc. Miles: 2

Distance: 37.5  2013: 237.6


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