Ride Report: 05.27.13

I’ve gotten into some heavy fiction reading lately, so when I had a spot available to get in a ride yesterday, I decided to take the Nook along.  Not to read…but to charge.001

Digging around in our “cord basket” on the computer desk, I found the right USB cable and wired it up by winding one end around the stem and the other around the seat post.002

I tucked the Nook into the Pendle further and routed the cable under the saddle to get it out of the way.  It all worked without a problem.

The Nook was charged at 37% when I started.  After 30 minutes of steady riding it was up to 57%.  I noticed that the cache battery was completely discharged, and that the “available charge LED” was only coming on intermittently.  I suppose this means that the Nook was taking as much as the system could give, with no reserve.

At this point it was dusk, so I decided to un-hook the Nook and turn on the lights.  I went exploring in Lower Allen Park, and then headed home along Brenneman Road.

There were a lot of deer out, and these guys were more curious about me then getting back under cover.007

We stared at each other for a few minutes, and then I made the first move.  They weren’t even phased.

Later, coming in Siddonsburg Road, I caught a glimpse of a gray fox as he ran into a hedge row.  Red foxes are pretty common in our area now, but gray foxes are pretty rare.  He wouldn’t pose for a snap like the deer did, though.

Distance: 15.4 miles  2013: 176.6


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