Ride Report: 05.23.13

The sky really looked foreboding with a distinct line of dark clouds headed our way, so I opted to go for a short ride and stay close to home.  It resulted in a couple of ever-widening loops, toodling at its best, until the lightening finally called for picking up the pace and outrunning the rain.


First up was heading over to Silver Lake just to ride around some of the small lanes and check out the water.006

On the way out of Silver Lake I climbed Emmanuel Road, where a large patch of ferns break out where the road is cut into the side of the hill.007

Near the end of Emmanuel Road is Emmanuel Cemetary.  Interspersed among the newer plots are several older graves.  I never studied them before, but this is the first I’ve ever seen of a War of 1812 veteran.009

I was also surprised by the number of people from the 1800’s who lived pretty long.  Here are two from among many:  84 years.010

95 years.011

Off to the other side of Lewisberry where I took an impromptu detour on Miller Road, a dirt/gravel path that follows this stream.  There is one nearby called Bennet’s Run, but I don’t know if this is the same or if it has a different name.013

Climbing up Miller Road.  There are natural springs cropping out of this ridge, hidden back in the rocks.018

Speaking of hidden, there was a trail off into the woods near the top that looked like there had not been any traffic in quite a while.  I rode down to check it out.020

About 50 yards in the trail keeps going, but a spot opens up and would be pretty good for stealth camping.  There is still a lot of undergrowth all around, but I think one could set up a small campsite without problem.  It’s not far from York Road and Lewisberry Road, so the sound a car traffic was evident.

The other end of Miller Road dumps onto York Road, which is twisty hills with little berm and fast traffic.  I pushed really hard for 1/2 mile until I could get back on a side road.  By then there were lightening hits not too far in the distance, and the rain went from spitting to a near drizzle.  I picked up Pleasant Drive and pushed for home before the skies opened up.

Distance: 14.7 miles  2013: 161.2


2 responses to “Ride Report: 05.23.13

  1. Thanks for your ride report. I dig old cemeteries. Gravestones can often tell a story. I love the ones with poems that tell us a little about the person.

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