Ride Report: 05.19.13

We had a busy weekend with a college commencement and the accompanying celebrations/activity; but by Sunday evening things had quieted down and I was able to get out for a ride.  Mentally calculating my fitness level, I planned a lap around Pinchot, cutting off to Pinetown Road, where I could either add in a longer route or head straight for home. 

Since the X bike was now assembled with the Plug, dyno system, and new tires, I opted to pull that out and climb some hills.  I soon discovered that my legs are not nearly where they need to be, and was huffing and puffing well before I expected.  But once I hit the flats, things got better and the bike responded well.


I stopped at the lake to admire the view and snap a few pics. 

It was somewhat overcast, so I flipped on the Cyo mainly just to test the electronics.  Additionally, I turned on the GPS and plugged it into the bike.  What I discovered is that the lights draw enough current off of the dyno to force the GPS to battery, unless riding at speed.  Also, my slow ascent up some hills, even without lights, took it over to battery as well.  So if I ever get into randoneuring, I’ll need to depend on the batteries for GPS power overnight (I’m not too worried this will ever happen!)  None of this is unexpected, given that this is the original version of The Plug and the power output is limited.

I also took note of the Vittoria tires.  They roll well and the bike felt like it was accellerating a bit faster than when I was using the Pasela Crosstowns.

Later in the ride I spotted this awesome wood carving back in someone’s yard.  It’s the Madonna, and my camera’s electronic zoom doesn’t do it justice.  I couldn’t get any closer without trespassing – but the detail that I could make out is impressive.  It’s not that far from the Patriot carving.024

‘rolled into home feeling good mentally, but my legs were telling me that I have a lot of work to do if I’m going to be taking any longer rides.

Distance: 18.5 miles  2013: 136.2


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