Homegrown Bullhorns

‘walked downtown the other day for lunch and came across this bike chained up in front of an eatery.  North 2nd has an impressive collection of bikes lined up that are either staff rides or delivery cycles.

The rider took an old pair of drop bars, flipped them over, and cut off the drops.  Bolt on an old pair of “safety” levers, and you’re good to go!001


3 responses to “Homegrown Bullhorns

  1. I’ve been seeing this solution a lot around here on bikes. Hugh of Hugh’s Bike Blog shows you how to do it.

  2. The city has another popular version where the drops just get yanked upwards so the rider can rest his hands on the “drops”, only about 5″ above the stem.

  3. I see a few people in dungarees and smoking cigarettes who simple turn the front wheel around and ride that way.

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