Herrmans H-Track Tail Light

When I decided to purchase the Luxos and switch the X Bike to a dynamo lighting system, I was concerned about keeping the costs down.  I like neat gadgets for my bikes and camping, but expenses related to college and life in general demand some frugality on my part.

One of those frugal purchases was on Ebay, where I picked up a Herrmans H-Track tail light to go on the X bike.  At $20 delivered, domestic shipping, and uber brightness; I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this piece of Finnish technology.$(KGrHqZ,!qQFDtBfin4lBREMJZzpsw~~60_57

Now that the Luxos is mounted on the Trucker and the Cyo is on the X bike, the H-Track is bringing up the rear, bolted to a Nashbar front rack (on the back.)  Wiring the light proved no harder than any other dynamo tail light I’ve used.

I’ve only toodled around the neighborhood after dark, without having had the chance to take the bike on any longer night rides just yet.  I’m impressed with the brightness.  The light has 3 LEDs illuminating the outer ring, which then spills over into the center reflector.  One review actually believes that the LEDs are too bright, creating glare for anyone riding behind, and thus do not recommend the H-Track.  I’m going to have to say that this light is actually brighter than the Busch and Muller Topline on the Trucker.

If there is a downside, it’s the lack of an off switch.  There is a capacitor that powers the standlight feature – that’s a good thing.  However, at the end of the ride, when I reach up and flip off the Cyo, because it has a capacitor as well; the H-track remains lit.  Now so did the Topline, but that model has a small switch hidden away underneath that you can easily reach down and kill the beam.

The H-track remains lit until the capacitor has drained, which should be around four minutes.  This is probably no big deal, and the price of the light reflects the lack of a switch.

So overall, I’d recommend this light for anyone looking to build a dynamo system on a budget.  I like the looks and features of the Topline better, plus it just feels better built, but the H-track is a good backup.  I’ll let you know how it holds up in the long term at a later date.


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  1. do you still like it?

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