Ride Report: 05.03-04.13 S24O

IMAG0005The Sloth and I got out for a short adventure…an S24O to Pinchot.  We met at my place Friday evening, and after a short climb up to Rt. 177, we cruised into Rossville where we stopped for some subs to take into the park for dinner.

I should have checked out the spot before I reserved it on line, because it was clearly made for a camper parked on the pad, with things pretty tight along the lake shoreline.  ‘good thing we had small tents.IMAG0011

Still, we managed to enjoy our dinner and get set up before dark.  The park wasnn’t crowded, but there were a fair amount of car campers who were active until about 10pm.  IMAG0006

There were also some fishermen about, not having a lot of luck.  But as soon as the sun went down, the fish started jumping all around us, and kept at it all night long.  Given the sound of some of the splashes, there were some pretty big ones out there. 

In the middle of the night an owl came through that was very loud, and the echo off the water made it even louder.  I didn’t hear it, but Scott says that a giant praying mantis was trying to get in his tent.

The forecast called for the temps to drop into the low 40’s, and I figured probably a little lower along the water.  I went with my Montbell bag and the fleece liner, and wore a thin layer of wool.  The thermometer recorded 40 degrees for the low.  Around 4am I noticed that I was a little chilly, but not a lot.  I had also packed a Patagonia down sweater and pair of Compressor pants, so I think next time I might try those instead of the liner to see how they work.

I used the BA Dual Core pad and didn’t feel any cold coming off the ground, but Scott was using his BA Insulated pad and felt the same.  The Dual Core is inflatable, but also has a layer of internal foam.  It’s supposed to take the temperature way down, but the downside is that it packs to about twice the size as the insulated inflatable. 

Because I set up the tent on a slight grade, I had an issue with sliding down the pad throughout the night.  If I decide to keep the Dual Core, I might have to treat it with silicone like I did with the other.

The plan was to sleep in, but around 6:00 I had to pee, and since I was already up and had this view…IMAG0008

I just stayed up and watched the sunrise.

My breakfast was coffee and oatmeal ala Esbit.IMAG0012

Once Scott got up he noticed my drooling as he made bacon and eggs, so he shared.  Nice guy, that Scott.

This is the first I’ve used the BA Seedhouse since attempting to dye the rainfly last year.  Once seeing it in the woods, I now realize just how much darker it is.  I was pleased to see this.  It blends in far better than it used to.IMAG0015

Neither of us were in a hurry to be anywhere, so after getting cleaned up and breaking camp, Scott suggested that we take a more scenic route back to my place.  I took him out Pinetown Road and then into Silver Lake before cruising through Lewisberry.

Scott on his perfect utility tourer.

Scott on his perfect utility tourer.

We rolled in around 10:30 or so, no worse for wear.

Misc. miles: 7.8

Distance: 22 miles  2013: 92.4


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