Luxos U

The new Busch and Muller Luxos U headlamp has arrived, and is now mounted on the Trucker.  It’s an impressive light, but so is the Cyo that preceded it.  The appeal, and my reason for buying it, is the integrated USB charger with cache battery.  This allows touring with any number of electronics (phone, GPS, camera, Nook, etc…) and either running off the dynamo for power; or recharging the batteries in the device.

Having the Cyo mounted out on the end of the front rack created great illumination, but worried me about getting broken off.  The Luxos is mounted on the handlebars in front of the stem, which I like a lot better.IMAG0001With the wires coming up from the dynohub, going back to the rear light, and to the USB plug/control button, it gets a little cluttered; but I don’t see anyway around that for everything it does.IMAG0005Both the light and the control button have color-coded LEDs built in that give you a status check.  Yellow is basically light on, blue is high beam, green is rear light is on, and red means that a charge is available via the USB.

The regular beam is nice, although I haven’t fully experimented with it yet.  It’s very wide with lots of spill light, but that’s only riding around the neighborhood slowly.  If I ride faster, the beam changes to have less light shooting at the pavement, and more further out front.  And if I press the high beam on, the cache battery kicks in and lights up the area.  Like most lights today, it has a stand light, and something I’m not used to; a light sensor.IMAG0003

If I turn the main light on during the day, the main beam remains off, but there are “running light LEDs” that create a “be seen” effect.  As the day turns into night, the sensor will switch from running light to the more traditional headlamp; ala the speed activated changes referred to above.  Pretty spiffy.

So the Cyo is now on the X Bike, which I’ll put in another post and update the bike page when I can get to it.  Both bikes need cleaned up before I take any nice pictures.  I’ll post more about the Luxos U as I get to use it more.


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