Ride Report: 04.27.13

Life is still busy, mainly because of school volleyball (3 matches this week), but Saturday afforded an opportunity to get out for a brief ride.  I took the LHT up Heck Hill Road and then over to Silver Lake.  Interestingly I had more energy than I thought I would and probably could have gone further out had I not had to get home for another activity.  It felt good to exceed my expectations, and it provides a little extra motivation to get out whenever possible.

There have been a couple minor changes to both bikes that will need to be updated, but things are on hold until the Luxos light shows up, because that will involve some more wrenching.  According to Peter White’s latest post, I should see a package early next week.  Speaking of changes, my initial impressions of the Vittoria Randoneurs is good.  They don’t mount as easily as the Paselas, but they definitely feel faster than the Panaracer models that had been on the bike.  I also kind of like the looks of them a little better, with the solid blackwall.

There’s been some press recently on Michael Mosley’s Fast 5/2 diet, given the PBS series and the release of the book.  I’ve watched the program and read the book, and decided to jump in, only I’ve been doing 3 fast days per week instead of two.  There are those moments of weakness, which I’ve been able to hold steady, but overall it’s really not that hard.  I’m finding that a lot of hunger is mental, and the body gradually adapts to fasting.  Anyway, after my second full week, I’ve lost 7 pounds.  I don’t think my weight lifting has suffered – I had a good session last Wednesday, and OK on Saturday, although I had increased some weight and it was hard to guage.  (The fear is that improper fasting may deplete muscle due to protien deficiency.)  While I haven’t taken any measurements like is recommended, there has definitely been a change in my waist both per my pants and looking in the mirror.  I’m also thinking that the energized ride on Saturday may have been from the weight loss.

So this week we have three volleball nights, weights and teaching on Wednesday, and hopefully a ride on Saturday before I dive into some much needed yard work.

Misc. Miles: 15.8

Distance: 11 miles  2013: 62.6


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