What Tires?

So for a ‘go fast’ bike that still ends up on rough roads now and then, I’m not sure what tires I should put on the X bike.  I’m content with the current 32c width, but suppose I could go either way as long as it doesn’t make the bike sluggish or an overly rough ride.

Panaracer Paselas – a little pricey, but I’m really happy with the pair on the LHT.  Should I go with wire bead or stay with Kevlar?

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser (black) – nice price, but not sure about how they’ll hold up.

Vittoria Randoneurs – nice looking tire at a reasonable price.

Kendas – very nice price, but how will they hold up?

Any recommendations?


5 responses to “What Tires?

  1. I’ve been riding a pair of vittoria randonneurs (the luxo kevlar bead ones) that I got on sale somewhere years ago – they’ve got like 2500 miles on them. Getting worn, but no flats yet knock wood. If I saw them on sale again similar to the last time I brought them I’d get 3 pair. Light enough that after riding around on the studs all winter long I thought the trucker was a race bike first time I got on it this spring.

  2. Hey, Doc! It just so happens I have experience with all the tires you’ve mentioned.

    Vittoria Randonneur in 28c. Hard to mount, inflexible, not durable. I did not get the impression that these were fast rolling tires.

    Schwalbe Delta Cruiser in 35c. Creme. Decent tire. Not especially fast, but super durable. No flats at all while I had them on my late Trucker. My friend Steve, whom you met last year in Boiling Springs, rides these daily on his commute bike. He gets a lot of miles out of them.

    Pasela. I’ve run these in 28 and 32c. A pair of 26×1.75 is on the way. One flat on the 28mm tires, due to a steel strap getting wedged between the sidewall and fender. My 32mm tires are TourGuard. You’re welcome to take them for an extended test ride.

    I’m sure you can tell by now which ones I’d recommend.

    • Hey Scott, Since I already have the Vittoria’s coming, I’ll just have to see how they work out. I was curious about the mounting… If they don’t work out, I’ll splurge next time for another set of TGs. thx.

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