The X bike is now sporting The Plug that I’ve only had laying out on the workbench for the last year and a half.  It took a little fiddling to knock out the star nut, feed the cable and tighten up the works, but now at around 4 mph the little LED lights up and the Garmin gives a beep that it is getting external power.  Way cool!

IMAG0002That’s a short USB cable with a buffer, so I have to really come almost to a stop before the Garmin throws up a warning window that it’s going to battery.  Even then, as soon as I speed up again, all goes back to normal.

I’m guessing that I’ll need to come up with a small cache battery to charge my phone and/or Nook, since they tend to be a bit more finicky.

Not bad for $8.00!


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