Ride Report: 03.27.13

Although a little gusty, I got out for 5 miles of toodling last night before dark.  Our springs have fallen into a pattern of cold, wet, and windy; which suddenly end with the arrival of a hot dry summer.  This should be biking and firewood time, but for firewood, anyway, the ground is too wet to get back in the woods.  As such, my mileage is non-existant.

If there is any consolation, it’s that my schedule is crazy anyway.  It’s high school volleyball season, with both boys playing.  Next week we have matches on 5 out of 7 days (weekend tournament), and I teach one night.   So no use feeling bad about the biking weather as it is.

I’m toying with the idea of an easy S24O in April: just to Pinchot and back on a Friday after work.  Possibly the 12th if the park is open by then.

As for the ride last night, the LHT is super comfy – I keep finding myself riding no hands around some streets.  If I can carve out some time this weekend, I hope to mount The Plug on the X bike.  Another project I’m considering is to create some pigmented silicone paint and try camoflauging the rainfly on the Seedhouse.  That will require some experimentation first.

Distance: 5 miles  2013: 22.5


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