Yep, Pretty Dumb

Since Saturday was such a nice day I got outside as soon as I finished up a big house project that has been looming for awhile.  The Planet Bike Protege 9 wired computer had shown up in the mail, and I wanted to make quick work of installing it on the X Bike.

It all went together quickly – I think I can install these things in my sleep.  I can even calibrate the wheel and set the time without needing to look at the instructions any more.

I did just that, and took the bike for a quick spin up and down the street.  The speed didn’t seem right, in fact it was way off.  Simple enough, I probably didn’t have the magnet and sensor alligned quite right.  Little adjustment, and presto!  Working like a charm.

Next I wanted to guage the calibration, so I took a quick lap around the loop of our neighborhood to see how close to .6 miles I would get…close enough.  Toodle around a bit before cleaning out the garage and some other outdoor tasks, and then inside for supper and a few other projects.

Later that evening I’m thinking I’d like to compare the Hermanns taillight against the B&M Topline.  Out to the garage again, turn on a dim light in the corner, pull out the X Bike, and give the front wheel a spin.  Nothing.

Suddenly it hits me.  I had the thing plugged in all day while I was messing with the computer, and there is no front light wired up currently.  That little LED was taking the full 3 watts off of the dynamo while I was blasting around the street.

Just to confirm, I plugged it in to the dyno on the LHT and gave it a spin.  Nothing again.  Rats.  And I seem to remember Peter White saying something about not doing this in response to a post of mine a while back.  Yep, pretty dumb.

A $20 mistake.  Live and learn, and order another tail light.


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