Pugsley Love

This past weekend our family travelled to State College so son#1 could compete in the Nittany Ninvitational, a junior olympic volleyball qualifier tournament.  His matches were all inside the Intramural Center, which is across from the Stadium and the Bryce Jordan Center.

It was cold, windy, and there was about an inch or so of snow still remaining on the grassy areas.  Still, being a college campus, there were bikes everywhere, some even being used.

Saturday afternoon I’m coming around the front of the building on my way to the van, and I spot two bikes coming towards me.  Not a big deal, but like I said, it was cold (mid 20’s).  Almost immediately, I hear the “brr” of rough treads on the pavement, and my eye catches that fat front wheel.  As he comes around the corner, I yell out “Hey Pugsley!”  I think I scared the poor guy.

Half an hour later I return, and find the two bikes locked to a railing near the entrance, and I get my first live close-up look at a Pug.  Gosh it looks like fun!  The bike looked pretty much stock, and I kept an eye out for him inside, but the place was too big.Pugsley-0004

I rarely ride trails and we just don’t get much snow, but I could learn to really love a Pug.

On the gear front, no word from Peter White yet on the Luxos shipping, but I have taken a few spins on the LHT with the new wheel – working like a charm.  Ebay caught me off guard, and I order a Herrmans LED tail lamp for $20 from Taiwan, including the shipping.  It could take six weeks to get here, and who knows what it will be like, but at less than the price of a Superflash and half that of a Topline plus, I figured I’d try it out.$(KGrHqZ,!qQFDtBfin4lBREMJZzpsw~~60_57

In other news, I almost went for a ride last night, but had some computer issues to solve that limited my time; plus I had it in my head to do a weight workout.  I think it’s time to take a break from them, because my shoulders ache a good bit and last night a nagging ache in my left bi-cep really flaired up.  It’s time to bundle up and take to the roads.


3 responses to “Pugsley Love

  1. I was also thinking about the Pugsley lately because we have had two weeks of snow cover on the MUP. I just can’t justify the cost of buying one for such limited use. But it would have been fun to have one lately.

    • Yes. They just have fun written all over them. I can’t imagine riding one without a big grin on my face.

    • Heck, lots of people pay 4 or 5K extra for trucks with four wheel drive “so I can get to work when it snows.” I bet most of them never ever consider how much money they’d save if they didn’t have 4wd and just stayed home those days.

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