Wrenching Plans

My biking budget recently got a much needed infusion of funds, so I took the initial plunge on some changes I have been mulling over.

Peter White Cycles has me on the back order list for a Busch and Muller Luxos U headlamp and some various mounting hardware.  Hopefully everything will ship in February.  The plan is to replace the Cyo headlamp on the LHT.  I want to mount the headlamp just below the handlebars and get it off of the front rack where it seems too exposed for my comfort level.  It will also keep things clean with the wiring to the control button/USB port, which I’d like to mount on the stem.179U__LUXOS_U__freigestellt

I can then have a short cable to run to either the handlebars or to a pouch on the top tube for charging whatever: GPS, phone, Nook, rechargable AAs for the Steripen.  I’m even looking at inexpensive storage/cache batteries to increase available options.$(KGrHqZ,!ogFBvNMg+h6BQoG8Gd!2w~~60_12

The B&M Topline tail light will remain where it is, although I might have to re-run the wiring given the new headlamp position.  Interestly, the Luxos has an indicator light for when the tail light is powered up.

Next, the X bike gets electrified with the Cyo up front, mounted on the fork crown.  Since I have it, I’m also going to mount The Plug into the fork to have power to the GPS for day rides.  Because of the charging characteristics of the Garmin Legend, I’ll need to use a small cache battery, but those prices have really come down.The Plug

For the immediate future, I’ll still run the Superflash on the back, but running a simple tail light off the dyno might be a possibility later on.  The problem is that, with the Carradice hiding the seatpost, mounting a rear light without a rack could be difficult.

Right now I’m shopping around for an inexpensive dynamo wheel for the X bike to complete my plans.


6 responses to “Wrenching Plans

  1. Hey, Doc. Can you be more specific about what you’re looking for in a dynamo wheel?

  2. Hey Scott, Nothing extravagant. I’ve currently got a set of Alex DC19 rims with Dimension hubs on it, 28 spoke count. Anything close to the same width, preferably black, will do. As to the dynamo, anything above the Nexus level is good. Whatcha got?

  3. Have you received the Luxos U? I’ve had one backordered from PW since November, still hasn’t shipped, frustrating.

    • Mark, He just posted this morning that the backorders should be caught up in the next 3 weeks. I’m really eager to get mine.

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