What to Do?

So it looks like if I behave myself I can scrape together enough moolah from the change jar, Paypal account, and birthday cash to afford to upgrade the lighting on the LHT to a B&M Luxos U.  I don’t really need the extra light output, but I love the integrated USB charger with cache battery for keeping various gizmos powered up in a single package.

That leaves me with two potential lighting systems for one more bike.  Currently the X bike has the Supernova Airstream battery headlamp; which I could convert to a dynamo setup using the Cyo that would be replaced on the LHT.  Selling the Airstream could probably provide enough to purchase a dynohub to rebuild the current wheel, or I could get a new wheel altogether.

Or, I could be perfectly happy with the Airstream, and sell the Cyo. 

Life can be so complicated some times.


2 responses to “What to Do?

  1. Battery lights are for suckers.

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