Ride Report: 10.25.12

After I finished some painting in our dining room yesterday, I took off on the Trucker out to the college.  Out of curiosity, I was scanning a map the other night and noticed a number of lanes behind the athletic fields that meandered out to York Road.

It turned out to be a beautiful little area, with a lot of old style fences and stone walls, and what looked like very old homes that had been completely restored.  More interesting, I found what is either a very large private estate, or what could be a private school or seminary, or whatever.  The property is so large that the buildings are hidden by the trees, but the leaves should be gone within a week.

Also interesting was that the lanes were not showing up on the GPS.  Definitely off the beaten path.

Heading back into Bowmansdale, I discovered Simpson Park.  It looks new, and takes advantage of a large patch of wetlands in the center to attract wild life.  If it weren’t so close to the busy rail line, I’d say its a great stealth camping spot.

I’ll be back.

Distance: 23.3 miles  2012:  1120.2


3 responses to “Ride Report: 10.25.12

  1. I’m really digging on your ride photos lately. You’re finding some good places to ramble. I hereby require that you map out a metric century loop, starting from your place, and hitting all the fun locations you’ve found within the last couple years.

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