Starbucks Via: My Impressions

A painting project has been looming for some time, and in the interest of marital relations, I took the day off to get ‘r done.  That gave me the chance to make a cup of morning coffee with a pack of Via instant from Starbucks that I added to a recent REI order.
Bottom line…to me it still tastes like instant.  Good instant, but not nearly as flavorful as a cup of pressed.  There was a bitter aftertaste that was more bitter than taste, if that makes sense.

But still, it wasn’t dishwater; and I think if I absolutely were shaving pounds from my kit, I’d opt for this.  It’s real handy and quick.  I’ll probably carry a pack as a “reserve” in case I run out of the good stuff.

The french press kit for the LiTech pot easily disassembles, allowing the screen and plunger to nest in the covered pot, taking up no more room than before.  I’m looking forward to a quick test later of how all that works.

Primus LiTech kettle with the french press attachment.


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