Ride Report: 10.23.12

Well this is embarrassing.  I was sidelined for a week or so due to a combination of a long ride, friction/heat caused by a new saddle, perspiration, and insufficient hygiene.  I basically got a nasty case of jock itch with an accompanying rash.  By the time I noticed it…

Anyway, some salve, powder, and time off the bike have got things headed back in the right direction, and I have a new found respect for…well…you know.  That’s enough from the TMI department, and no; there are no pictures.

That left last night for a nice ride at dusk out through Lisburn.  The deer are out en masse, including two along Brenneman Road who looked up at me for a second or two, and went back to munching, even though I was within ten feet of them.  The only time I came closer was when I spooked on and it took off down the road in front of me and couldn’t find an opening along the hedgerows for about 100 yards or so.  I could have smacked that one on the rump.  These guys, though, were obviously used to people, and will probably pay the price next month.

The Trucker provided a comfortable ride, but soon after starting out I noticed a click with each pedal stroke.  Thoughts focused on the bottom bracket, pedal bearings, or a knee replacement; but it turns out one of my Grip King pedals is due for a greasing.  MKS is supposedly notorious for skimping on the lube, and there are a number of blog posts about how to service them.  I’m planning to pick up a small grease gun so I can use the “injection” method without needing to disassemble everything.

Misc. Miles: 6

Distance: 17.6 miles  2012: 1096.9


2 responses to “Ride Report: 10.23.12

  1. I have an MKS dust cap wrench if you need it.

    • Thanks but I re-packed both sets today while waiting for the paint to dry. I took some pics, so I’ll throw up a post in the next day or so.

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