I’m Just a Spending Fool

In an effort to do my part to stimulate the economy, I made three purchases yesterday:

A $6.00 thermometer that records the minimum and maximum temperatures.  I’m curious about how cold it actually gets inside my tent in relation to how it feels inside the sleeping bag.  Basically, I want to have an idea if I should bring along the polartec liner and/or night clothes, similar to how I have a pretty good idea what clothes to wear when I go out for a ride thanks to the thermometer on the PB Protege bike computer.

A $12.00 Primus French Press adapter that fits in the LiTech kettle.  It will allow me to leave one more thing at home (the French press) and get double duty out of the kettle.  Between the kettle and the Esbit stove, I’m finding that I can really save space and some weight if I’m willing to settle for boiled water meals and hot drinks.  It’s only when I get my heart set on eggs and sausage for breakfast, or something more elaborate for dinner, that I need to turn to the canister stove.

And off the record, I ordered a pack of those Starbucks instant coffee packs just to try out.  I’m not a fan of Starbucks coffee, but more than one blogger has written about how these things are pretty good.  For $3.00, why not test them?

Some of the stuff is already “in the mail”, while the thermometer is on a slow boat from China.  I’ll post some reviews when I can.


One response to “I’m Just a Spending Fool

  1. the starbucks instant has been my go-to travel coffee solution for over a year now — mostly because the french press I brought for camping was junk. They’re not bad, but it can be a pain to get all the coffee out of the little packet.

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