Ride Report: 09.25.12

‘took a longer ride at dusk to build some stamina back up and stretch out my leg.  I do some stretches every day, and was happy that I was able to get full extension this morning.

The ride almost ended with disaster when it was starting to get dark, I was gawking at something or other, and hit something on the berm with my front wheel.  The front end of the bike bounced up and my hands came off the grips, my feet flew off the pedals, and I slid forward on the saddle.  Fortunately I somehow grabbed each of my barcons with my index fingers and thumbs, and that somehow kept me on the bike.  It would have been a bazaar wreck.

I’m pretty sure I’m headed out for an overnighter tomorrow.  I’ve been following the weather forecasts, and between the local television station and a site that breaks out each day into morning, afternoon, and evening; I think I have a window of general dryness to work with.

I also got to test my butane stove this morning to make coffee, as our power went off last night and wasn’t restored until late morning.  I’m not sure what the problem was, although there were trucks in the neighborhood, so it must have been something local.

Distance: 18.3 miles  2012: 957.8


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