Ride Report: 09.24.12

My leg is at about 80%, and getting better each day.  I get a little stiff after sitting for awhile, and I have trouble crouching, but overall I felt ready to get on the bike for a short ride.

I went out at dusk for a few miles.  There were a few stops as I fiddled with the seat adjustment; mostly the tilt – it’s so close.  Oddly, this will all probably change when the long setback seatpost finally gets here from China.  It’s been nearly a month since ordering it, but the tracking has it showing up in Harrisburg yesterday.

It appears there is no standard measurement for setback, because looking at pictures and then the specs for several, they’re all over the map.  This one is supposed to be 30mm, the post I borrowed from the X bike is labelled as 25mm. Brooks saddles are notorious for their short rails, so I’m hoping that little bit of difference is actually there, and that it dials everything in to where it needs to be.

This had to be fun.

I’m back to planning an overnight trip again this week, but I’m looking at the weather for Friday.  The forecast is calling for showers, but I can’t tell if it’s morning, evening, or all day.  I don’t feel like packing up and riding 40 miles in a cold drizzle.  I guess I’ll need to make a decision later today.

Misc. Miles: 5

Distance: 8 miles  2012: 939.5


3 responses to “Ride Report: 09.24.12

  1. what is your window of opportunity? I actually have some free time this weekend, but it doesn’t start until early morning on Saturday…

    • Rats. I’m actually looking at Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. My youngest son plays in the school marching band, so we now have football games every Friday night and competitions on several Saturdays. I’m hoping to get in trips in October and November as well, and will probably shoot for Saturday/Sunday, schedule permitting; so we might be able to connect.

  2. Worth a shot. I took some vacation next week and it’s the first time since spring that everything has fallen in place for me to do a trip of any kind. If you get out Friday, enjoy! I’m crossing my fingers for nice weather Saturday into Sunday.

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