#$%@%#@ ouch.

Running my log splitter yesterday morning on my day off, with thoughts that I would take the afternoon and evening for a long ride to parts unknown.

Like I’ve done a thousand times, I hefted a big long up on the platform and “balanced” it with my thigh as I operated the control with my right hand.  The log built up pressure and then “kicked” as it split, coming off against my thigh and throwing me back three feet.

Once I realized why I was laying on my back, I felt around for any bones sticking out of my leg, and reached over and turned off the splitter.

Fortunately, no broken bones, and my quad muscle took the brunt of it.  It’s not black and blue, but the whole thing is sore, as opposed to any localized sharp pain.  I’m really glad it didn’t take out my knee.

The worst part is trying to walk after sitting a bit.  I think some ibuprofen and mild stretching will get me back on track, but no riding for a few days.


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