Ride Reports: 09.13,15,16.12

It wasn’t exactly a blogging kind of weekend, so I’m playing catch-up:

09.13.12 – I started out for an evening ride on the X bike and remembered seeing something about a rowing club meeting at a park nearby, so I took a detour over there.  I was the president of the rowing club for 11 years, but have been away for around 10.  It will be at least another 10 before I attend another meeting.  What was I thinking?  13.4 miles

09.15.12 – Nice morning, although pretty breezy.  I’m breaking in a new saddle on the Trucker.  A Brooks B67 Pre-aged.  I liked the shape of the Velo Orange Model 8 a lot, but the thing would just not soften up for me and was hard as a board.  The Selle Titanico, on the other hand, is very soft and pliable leather, but the shape is not ideal for sitting upright.  So a cross between the two: wide sit bone support of the B67 combined with the softer leather of the Pre-aged.

Every place seemed to have them backordered, but then Harris Cyclery of Sheldon Brown fame confirmed that the had them in stock and shipped lightening fast. 

It’s really, really comfortable, and my hiney is very happy!  There’s still some tweeking here and there to get it angled just right, but it’s close.  Coming off the Titanico, I feel like I should be able to push it back another half inch.  I have a long setback post coming from China, so in the meantime I pulled the post off of the X bike.  That bike now has the Titanico with the suspension post, but I’ll put the Brooks Champion Flyer back on it when the new post arrives.

I’m a little bummed that the Pre Aged is this dull brown, but that’s because it doesn’t have any dyes which can rub off on your shorts; so it’s growing on me. 

I also discovered that Lower Allen Park has a paved path back along the creek, with a turn that comes out below the Fun Fort. 20  miles

09.16.12: Went out for an afternoon toodle beyond Pinetown.  There is a big project going on this summer to replace the old high tension towers with spiffy new ones.  One of the results is that they’ve put in nice double track right smack in the middle of everything.

If I were a mountain biker, I’d be tough to keep me away from this.

Misc. Miles: 2.2 

Distance: 14.1  2012: 926.5


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