Ride Report: 09.08.12

Again I had a mess of work to do around the house, plus there was a pretty strong threat of storms, so I went out for just a short jaunt in the morning.  I’ve been looking forward to taking a somewhat longer day ride, but it just hasn’t come together yet.

On the upside, the increased riding is definitely paying off with fitness results.  I’m noticing that familiar hills don’t require the same low gears as last time, and my average pace has crept up a little.

The cooler nights have the leaves changing and starting to fall.

I’m researching another “project.”  I really like the Big Agnes Seedhouse tent that I’m using, except for the light color of the rainfly.  I’m hungup on the idea of stealth camping, and this thing just seems to stick out in the woods.  Looking at some camping gearhead sites, some guys have had good success dyeing their rainflys to a darker shade, with no negative effects.  So now I’m just looking for a store with a supply of RIT liquid dye, and we’ll give it a go.

Distance: 17.6 miles  2012: 868.7


2 responses to “Ride Report: 09.08.12

  1. Take it to a laundromat and use their washer. 🙂

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