Ride Report: 09.05.12

Normally I’d just log these as miscellaneous miles, but with this whole 30 Days of Biking filling up my Inbox every morning, I figure I better report it.  I teach a bible class on Wednesday nights and if the weather is nice I ride there and back. 

Last night I had a bunch of materials to take along, so I pulled out one of my Nashbar grocery panniers and just dumped it all in.  Quite handy.  I picked up these panniers when I first got back into biking, but have used them more for carting around odds and ends than I ever have bringing home groceries.

Before all this, when I got home from work, I descended into the basement gym for a quick weight workout.  I’ve been doing this for a while now and decided to change the routine around to some new lifts.  Nothing spectacular, just different muscles.  And apparently muscles that I have not used in years because today my shoulders are toast.  I think that’s a good thing.

Today’s bike siting shoutout goes to the fixie, yes I said fixie, rider on Lowther Street in Lemoyne this morning.  Black frame, red rims, bullhorns.  But dude, you look too much like me.  Where were the tats and nose ring?  Lose the hat mirror, and turn that hat around!  Otherwise, cool bike, and keep riding.

Distance: 2 miles  2012: 851.1


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