Ride Report: 09.01.12

I was hoping for a longer ride for a Saturday morning, but two things were working against me:  there was a fairly full schedule for the day with a lot of pressure from she who must be obeyed to have “family time.”  That means the guys have to get out from behind the computer and the college football games on TV.  Second, my legs had a delayed reaction to the mashfest on Thursday night, and were fairly sore.

The solution was a loop around Pinchot with some moderate hills, and to play with the Garmin on a different route.  As far as the hills, I’d have to say that they warmed up and stretched out my legs for a pleasant workout.  The air was heavy, but as long as I kept moving, things felt good.

The Garmin was interesting.  On three separate occassions it tried to take me off the planned route to side roads.  This has happened in the past, and I had concluded that it was just a fluke with not having sufficient route points at that particular area.  But I now have a theory about the “Bicycle” setting that I want to try out.

Also, coming back along Rt 177 northeast of Pinchot I passed under one of those big power lines – the type that you can hear crackle and hum.  The Garmin shut off completely!  I was riding somewhat slow…definitely slower than when I had come this way in the opposite direction.  It had never happened before, so it has me curious.

Distance: 16.5 miles  2012: 819.3


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