Ride Report: 09.02.12

Before the skies opened up, I repeated the Pinchot loop for another pleasant ride.  My legs were again heavy, but this time from a 7-8 mile mountainous hike from Sunday.  Still, the soreness was in slightly different muscles in slightly different areas, so all was good.

The Garmin worked flawlessly.  I went into settings and switched the mode from “Bicycle” to “Car.”  My theory is that when in bicycle mode, the unit will attempt to direct you onto safer, meaning smaller, roads whenever one is detected to run parallel to the highway that you’ve otherwise routed.  In car mode, the unit stayed on the planned route rather than detour me like on Saturday, which in all three cases involved me staying on state roads with a wide berm.  I’m now going to go back to some other mapped out routes where this had been an issue and see how it manages them.

There were also several roadies out, most of whom passed me chugging up a hill, and they were in friendly spirits, as was I.  Great morning for a ride.  Later, I tried to mow our lawn, but the downpour began before I could get very far.  The grass looks more like a local hay field, and we don’t have many dry days in sight.

Distance: 16 miles  2012: 835.3


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