Today’s bicycle siting shout out goes to the guy at 2nd and Walnut around 8:15am. 

  • Mountain bike for city commute – check
  • Backpack for hauling books, dry clothes, whatever – check
  • Front basket – bonus points
  • Neon vest – pretty overcast morning, so bonus points as well
  • Full coverage motorcycle helmet – automatic disqualification

5 responses to “Almost

  1. Ha! I’m at the opposite end. Many roadies we see refuse to acknowledge me because I don’t have a helmet. Some have yelled, “GET A HELMET”.

    The motorcycle helmet sounds like something I would do out of spite. 8>)

  2. The guy at 2nd and Market was the only cyclist you’ll see all year with a helmet that actually provides real, verifiable head protection.

  3. At first I’m thinking he has this bmx thing going, but I looked again, and again; and sure enough, all he needed was to make “brum” noises.

  4. Hey, capejohn. A couple years ago I was just riding along on the old Collegiate. 5 speed, upgright, steel rims, tweed ride-ready. Some roadie going the opposite direction yells across the road, “Hey! Helmet!”, while motioning drastically toward his magical foam hat. As is usual, I thought of the perfect response two hours later. The next time someone does that to me I’m going to yell back, “Hey!”, and point at my arse. I’m ready, man. Just hasn’t happened since.

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